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Imagine your dream layout assembled and ready for track work, scenery, etc. in less time than it takes to get to the local lumber yard and back…


If you have any questions maybe we already answered it on this page!

1) Q. There doesn’t seem to be a kit for the layout I want to build. What should I do?

A. Mianne Benchwork can be assembled to fit just about anywhere. We offer a free, no obligation design service. You can either send us a track plan, room dimensions, or desired layout dimensions. We will then design a kit to work for you and quote you a price. All kits, whether stock or custom, come with a detailed color-coded assembly plan for quick and easy assembly.

2) Q. How do I attach the layout to the benchwork?

A. We suggest attaching a plywood platform for a base using the hardware included with your kit. This method will allow you to easily remove the layout from the benchwork at a later time. Anyone who has ever tried to change a layout or had to move a layout can appreciate this easy method!

3) Q. How do I attach risers for different track elevations?

A. After attaching your plywood base, you can easily add risers to the plywood for elevating track.

4) Q. What are connector blocks and adapter blocks?

A. Connectors are used to attach I-beams to other I-beams. Connectors allow attachment in three directions. Adapters are used as fillers for crosspiece attachment. See assembly instructions for diagrams.

5) Q. Can I purchase Mianne with a height different than the standard 40″?

A. Yes, we can make the height whatever you need. Just let us know when ordering.

6) Q. How is Mianne shipped?

A. We ship via standard UPS Ground Service. The largest box we ship in is 8″×8″×48″ and weighs between 40 and 50 lbs.

7) Q. Can I purchase one module and add to it later on?

A. Yes. Try not to think of Mianne as modular but rather as a series of legs and I-beams that connect together to form one unitized structure. For example, if you wanted a 2’×4′ section you would need to purchase a 24B expansion kit and a 24C leg set. If you wanted a 2’×8′ section you would need 2 24B sections but only one 24C. This benchwork would have six legs total.

8) Q. Why not just use solid wood for frame members instead of I-beams?

A. There are a few of reasons for utilizing a built up I-beam instead of solid wood.
1) Stability – every piece of wood is different and therefore reacts to seasonal changes differently. Our I-beams have a MDF core, with a hardwood frame. This creates consistent seasonal movement in all pieces. More stability equals more reliable trackwork and running of trains.
2) Consistency – the I-beams are produced on dedicated machines and are therefore consistent in tolerance. This makes for easy and reliable assembly.
3) Weight – we have achieved great strength with low weight. This makes for easy construction and helps keep shipping costs down.

9) Q. Does Mianne sell the plywood for the top?

A. No, we suggest purchasing your plywood locally from a building supplier. We recommend ½” plywood as a base. You can use thicker (eg ¾”) if you want to overhang the benchwork by a few inches. When choosing plywood, try to pick something that is flat, such as ½” interior plywood and stay away from exterior grades as they are not very flat or stable.

10) Q. How much weight can Mianne support?

A. Mianne can handle the weight of any scale as well as all desired scenery materials. After attaching the plywood top, Mianne can easily support the weight of the average adult.

11) Q. What is the difference between series 24 and series 30 kits?

A. The difference is: on the series 24 kits the straight sections are 24″ wide and on the series 30 kits they are 30″.